iPhone 4S and iOS5 – Battery Saving and Other Tricks and Tips

iPhone/iOS 5 battery saver tips

There seems to be a lot of complaints about the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 battery life. The old iOS 4 had a longer battery life than the iOS5 on the default settings. By changing a few settings, you can increase the battery life.

Drop the screen brightness
One of the easiest ways to improve battery life on the iPhone is to lower the screen brightness. The new iOS5 seems to have an incredibly high screen brightness. Unless you mainly use your phone outdoors, then you will want to set the screen brightness lower.

To do this go to:
Settings > Brightness

Auto-Lock the screen
Another tip that makes a big difference is to lock the screen after a short interval. This helps conserve battery life because it turns the screen off when your handset is not in use.

Set it to go off after a minute or two.

Settings > General > Auto-Lock

If you don’t need WiFi or Bluetooth or 3G, turn off the radios!


Settings > WiFi


Settings > General > Network


Settings > General > Bluetooth

Enter the Airplane mode
If you want to disable all the radios on your iPhone, the easiest way to do this is using Airplane Mode:


With Airplane Mode active, you can still selectively enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if you want.

Location, location, location!
iOS 5 bought with is a lot of Locations Services features, but all of these features have a negative effect on battery life.

Settings > General > Location Services

Either disable the whole lot, or selectively enable it for a specific set of apps. The more apps that can use Location Services, the more juice they’ll use.

iOS 5 has some hidden tweaks too (hidden because you have to scroll to the bottom of the Locations Services screen and click on System Services to find them):

You can keep Location Based iAds and Setting Time Zone off permanently (your time is set by the local carrier automatically anyway).

Another revamped feature in iOS 5 is notifications. The new notification Center in iOS 5 gives you a greater overview of what’s happening, but that comes at the cost of greater battery consumption.

Settings > Notifications

My advice here is two-fold. First, disable notification for any apps that you don’t care about by clicking on the individual apps and switching off Notification Center:

Second, control which apps are visible on the Lock Screen by switching off View in Lock Screen … the more you have showing, the more often your screen will flick into life, draining precious battery power.

Disable diagnostics
Another possible battery-eating culprit in iOS 5 is Diagnostic & Usage data:

Settings > General > About > Diagnostics & Usage

Set this to Don’t Send.

Don’t go to the cloud
iCloud syncing takes a lot of juice too. Turns off what you’re not using at:

Settings > iCloud

Kill off background apps
The more apps you have running in the background, the more juice you’ll use. Kill off any apps you don’t want running in the background regularly by double-tapping the Home button to bring up the multitasking dock and then press down on an icon until they all start to jiggle, then kill any apps that might be working in the background – apps such as Skype and Pandora are likely suspects.

Bonus tip!
Never pass up an opportunity to charge up! That means carrying a charger with you (or at the very least an iPhone USB cable) and having a car cord handy when on the road.
Carry a battery pack with you. I like and extensively use a few New Trent battery packs (the 5000mAh IMP50D and the monster iPad-compatible 11000mAh IMP1000).

iOS 5 Tricks

Five things you might not know you can do with iOS5.

#1 Compose your own custom vibrations
Yes, you know that you can create custom vibrations in iOS 5. Here’s how:

First, you need to activate the feature:

Settings > General > Accessibility

From there activate Custom Vibrations.

Now to create the custom vibrations:

Settings > Sounds

Scroll down to Vibration Patterns and then Create Custom Vibration. Start tapping out your custom vibration!

#2 Text shortcuts
Here’s a real timesaver! Allows you to type a shortcut for a a word of phase.

Settings > General > Keyboard

Click on Add New Shortcut… the type the phrase and the shortcut you want to use.

#3 Make the LED flash as an alert
Want a visual indicator that you have messages of missed calls? Easy!

Settings > General > Accessibility

Enable LED Flash for Alerts. That’s it!

#4 Restrict iOS system privileges
Get a grip on iOS 5 Location Services privacy settings at:

Settings > Locations Services

Scroll down and click on System Services. From here you have control over what has access to your location information:

#5 How Apps are noming your storage!
Wondering where all your storage has gone? See for yourself!

Settings > General > Usage

Bonus Tip!
A lot of people seem to be having problems finding the camera button on the iOS home screen – just double-click the Home button to make it appear. Simple!

#1 Private browsing in Safari
Buying someone a ‘secret birthday present‘ that you don’t want anyone to find out about? This might be a situation where private browsing could come in handy!

To activate private browsing go:

Settings > Safari

Enable Private Browsing.

#2 Check to see if your iOS is up-to-date
Normally you need to hook your iDevice up to iTunes to check to see if you have the latest iOS installed. Not any more!

Settings > General > Software Update

#3 Diagnostic data
Your iDevice collects a lot of diagnostic data that you can optionally choose to send to Apple. However, you can also take a look at this data for yourself, and even send it along to an app developer if you’re experiencing issues.

Here’s how to find it:

Settings > General > About > Diagnostics and Usage

#4 Get hourly weather forecasts
By default the iOS weather app shows you daily predictions. Get hourly predictions by simply tapping the screen:

#5 Control what notifications appear on your Lock Screen
Do you want every notification displayed on your lock screen? No, then you can control what shows on an app by app basis.

Settings > Notifications

From there select an app, scroll to the bottom of the next screen and switch off View in Lock Screen.


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